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Earrings - Aboyun

Earrings - Aboyun

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These simple, elegant and lightweight earrings come in two sizes: small and large. Recalling the silhouette of a pregnant woman ( Aboyun in Yoruba), they will be perfect for combining work and outings with friends.

Note :
Personalize the pair according to your tastes! You can choose two colors from the ten available and combine them as you wish. To do this:
1. Choose the "Custom" option from the color list.
2. Let me know your choice here .
3. I will send you vector illustrations to validate the colors you have selected, this also allows you to better visualize your future pair.
4. Once everything is validated, I proceed to manufacture your personalized pair.
5. Prepare to receive a ton of compliments: your Aboyun pair is coming!

Production time:
All jewelry is handmade upon receipt of your order in my studio Montrealer, with gentleness and a good dose of love. A delay of 5 to 8 working days is necessary for their design (then count the delivery time).


  • The earrings are made of polymer clay , a versatile and flexible material that offers each piece comfort, lightness and strength.
  • The rear studs are made of titanium, nickel-free , and are attached without glue. The head of the post is thus directly wrapped in the polymer clay, which securely attaches it to the earring.
  • The clasps are silver with a rubber interior so they fit comfortably and securely on the earrings.


Small format

  • Size: 0.98in x 3.07in (25mm x 78mm)
  • Weight: 9 g (the pair), it is the weight of a grape!

Large format

  • Size: 1.18in x 3.93in (30mm x 100mm)
  • Weight: 15 g (pair).

Care Instructions

Earrings are flexible and strong, but they need to be given love and handled with care to ensure a long life. If there are stains, you can gently clean them with a cotton pad and alcohol, or acetone (on dark pieces, prefer alcohol to acetone to avoid discoloration). After each use, it is advisable to store them carefully in their box without stacking them (to avoid any scratches or marks on the rear stems on the surface of the jewelry).

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carole giroux

J'ai reçu un très bon service , je suis satisfaite des boucles d'oreilles je vais surement recommandé prochainement, Merci Carole Giroux

Handmade polymer clay earrings

The earrings are made of polymer clay, a versatile and flexible material that offers each piece comfort, lightness and strength.